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Young belgian author, passionate about design, arts, music but moreover by human behavior & the influence of feelings. Former protest organizer, now working a designer, human jukebox for some, travelling a lot to discover new people and new places (or just lying dead on his bed with one hell of a hangover).

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La Fin des dieux
A.S. Byatt, Laurence Petit, Pascal Bataillard
Les liaisons numériques: Vers une nouvelle sociabilité?
Antonio A. Casilli

Bran's Story

Bran's Story - Maculategiraffe, Sabrina Deane So this is basically Fifty Shades of Grey meets Gladiator meets Blade Runner of I don't fucking know what. Ok it's well written, but what's with people and those S/M relationship ? Already at trouble with the 50 Shades things, but here with young lads and 20-25 years older guys called "Master" that owns them nope no thanks. So I'll just pass on the rest of the serie.